Asparagus with Artichoke Hearts and Orange Zest.

March 13, 2015
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Asparagus with Artichoke Hearts & Orange Zest

This is another composed salad that is simple to make and refreshing and delightful.

The key to this salad is blanching the asparagus and plunging them in ice water (shocking them). This preserves the vibrant green color and fresh flavor. The orange zest surprises the palate and makes this a unique taste experience.

This dish will only be as good as the asparagus you use, so select them with care. Also, this is the time to buy organic oranges, as the zest will be used to top the salad.

Add the recipe to your wheat free, gluten free list!


EVENT: Baby Shower

SERVES: 6 People


1 ½ lb fresh asparagus

16 oz canned or jar of artichoke hearts (packed in water is preferable) *

Zest from 1 orange

Olive oil for drizzling

Salt and pepper to taste


Large bowl filled with ice water



1. Remove woody ends from asparagus by gently bending the end of each spear until it snaps off.

2. Fill large pan with water. Bring to rolling boil.

3. Add asparagus and cook for 2 minutes until vibrant green.

4. Remove with slotted spoon or tongs and immediately plunge into bowl with ice water.

5. Repeat with all asparagus.

6. Remove spears from ice water and dry.

7. Remove artichoke hearts from jar or can. If packed in oil, drain well and pat to remove oil. If artichoke hearts are whole, cut each in quarters.

8. Place asparagus on platter. Season with salt and pepper. Drizzle with olive oil.

9. Place artichoke quarters on top of asparagus. If they are packed in water, you need to add salt and pepper. If they are packed in oil, they tend to have seasoning on them already.

10. Drizzle olive oil over entire salad. Top with fresh orange zest.

* A NOTE: I prefer to buy the artichoke hearts (packed in water) at Costco.

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