Videos: New Year’s Day Brunch 2015 (PART I)

Some people celebrate the New Year by going out New Year’s Eve and drinking large quantities of their favorite adult beverage. I celebrate by throwing a scrumptious New Year’s Day Brunch.

Of course, there are adult beverages for those who need the “hair of the dog” or for those who abstained the night before.

Here’s the video of the New Year’s Day Brunch 2015. I hope it makes you hungry and inspires you to throw your own brunch!

Filmed and Edited by Xu Zhang

Videos: New Year’s Day Brunch 2015 (PART II)

Filmed and Edited by Xu Zhang

New Year’s Day Brunch Menu


Fresh fruit salad (GF)

Apple fig crumble (GF)

* Greek yoghurt (GF)

Smoked salmon platter (GF)

* Capers, sliced tomatoes, sliced onions, sliced Persian cucumbers and pickles

* Bagels and cream cheese

Pumpkin monkey bread

Shakshuka (GF)

Blintz soufflé

Lamb hash (GF)

Chicken livers with mushrooms

Roasted Tomatoes (GF)

Roasted fingerling potatoes (GF)

Knishes (kasha, potato)

Rugelach (chocolate, prune, cinnamon)

Poppy seed strudel





Bloody Mary

(GF) Gluten Free

* Vegetarian

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