June 29, 2014
At Home with Friends


Mexican Fiesta Beverages & Summer Solstice Save the Date



As you can see from the photos, we definitely had tequila that night.

I also created a drink I call Tequila Surprise.

It came about quite spontaneously. My friend Dano arrived early just in case I needed last minute help. I asked him to muddle some sliced cucumbers, add two fingers of tequila, some ginger beer and top it off with sparkling mineral water. It was delicious, light and refreshing.

As each guest arrived, they asked what I was drinking. When they heard, they requested the same.

Voilá, a Tequila Surprise!

When you are thinking about beverages, think about slicing cucumbers, oranges, lemons and seasonal fresh fruit as part of the beverage set-up. Always have sparkling mineral water and non-alcoholic soft drinks. This gives you and your guests options and encourages everyone to get creative.




Next month, join me for a Summer Solstice Celebration.

The menu features a Goat Cheese Cake, Raspberry Blueberry Torte, Halibut with Artichoke Puree and a Patron Citronge White Wine Sangria guaranteed to put everyone in a party mood!



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