December 29, 2014
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Holiday in Morocco: Sweet Temptations

When you read about the food in Morocco or traveling to Morocco, you will come across references to the endless and non-stop selection of sweet pastries. I didn’t remember this from my last visit but the books do not exaggerate.

It starts at breakfast with an unlimited selection of donuts, cookies, fruit tarts, Berber pancakes drizzled with honey, deep fried deliciousness. Then you visit the Souk. Here, you are dazzled by more pastries. Simple phyllo triangles filled with almond paste and drizzled with honey to exquisite tiny pieces of art with sesame seeds, pistachio nuts and rose water, as colorful and decorative as the most beautiful Islamic mosaics that decorate the Mosques.

Don’t even get me started on restaurants. After lunch or dinner, there is usually a formal dessert with some type of pastry and Creme Anglaise, followed by fresh fruit and then followed by more sweet temptations.

It’s hard to resist. Resistance will not work. The best you can do is limit your pastries to 1 time a day, or maybe 1 1/2 times.


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