December 10, 2014
At Home with Friends

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Moroccan Feast Beverages

It was a bit of a challenge selecting the right beverage to accompany the Moroccan Feast. The food was so flavorful I wanted something that would really compliment the menu.

French rosé is lively and fragrant and I thought would be perfect for this party. I also selected two other wine choices for the party: a very light white wine (Pouilly Fuisse which I buy at Costco) and a deeper rich red Bordeaux. Everyone started with the rosé during the appetizers and no one wanted anything else.

When you say rosé some people immediately think about a very sugary white zinfandel made popular in California in the 70’s or a pink sugary soda flavored with champagne. Ugh! This is not the rosé I am talking about. I’m talking about French rosé.

French rosé is generally less intense than a big red wine and has more depth than a white wine. I prefer French rosé because it is much less sweet than other rosés. In fact, the question to ask when buying rosé is, “Is it dry?” Dry means it’s not sweet. That’s all you really need to know.

When in doubt, look for something from France, preferable from Provence. And serve it well chilled!

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