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July 27, 2015
At Home with Friends


Mexican Fish Sliders with Jalapeño Sour Cream & Guacamole

This was the first time I made these. It was an experiment that was wildly successful. I had 12 guests, including 2 vegetarians. I made 40 sliders and they were all gone in a flash.

There was something about these 2-bite mini sandwiches on sweet Hawaiian rolls with spicy guacamole and jalapeño laced sour cream that people couldn’t get enough of. I only got one, but I agree.

When you’re making any kind of sandwich, every ingredient counts. Choose each element carefully. What’s the best vehicle (i.e. bread) for the sandwich? What’s going to keep the bread moist: mustard, mayo, special homemade relish or something else? And of course, what’s the best combination of filling and flavors.

For these sliders, mini Hawaiian sweet rolls were the perfect base. They are soft and slightly sweet, reminiscent of a hot dog or hamburger bun. They are also kind of thick, so I decided to remove 1/3 of the center of the roll. There is still enough on the roll to hold everything together, there is just less bread. The result was that people could eat more. Good news!

If this were a fillet of fish sandwich at a fast food joint, the bread would be slathered with mayonnaise or secret sauce. This would add moisture and hide the taste of the fish. Instead of mayo, I chose to make a spicy guacamole and a spread of sour cream mixed with finely minced fresh jalapeño peppers. Way better than mayo!

To assemble, the bottom of the roll was covered with a generous layer of guacamole. The pan seared fish went on the guacamole and it was topped with a dollop of jalapeño sour cream.

The fish itself was simply seasoned with salt and pepper and ground coriander, and quickly pan cooked. The fish wasn’t even breaded. It didn’t need to be.

Rather than give you an exact recipe, I am providing the general instructions on how to calculate the quantities you need depending on the number of sandwiches you want to make. This makes it easy to adapt this recipe, even for dinner for two, which I plan to do.


EVENT: Game Night

SERVES: Figure at Least 3 Per Person


Hawaiian sweet mini rolls

Tilapia fish, 2-3 oz of fish per slider

1 teaspoon of guacamole per slider

1/2 teaspoon jalapeño laced sour cream per slider

For the rolls:

1/3 of the center removed

For tilapia:

Salt and pepper

Ground coriander

For jalapeño sour cream:

Fresh jalapeño peppers, seeds removed, finely minced


See my previously published recipe



1. Multiply the number of sliders by 2.5 ozs to get total ounces of fish. Divide by 16 to get pounds of fish necessary.

2. Remove 1/3 of bread from the rolls.

3. Season tilapia with salt and pepper and coriander. Pan saute in neutral oil (grape seed or canola).

4. To assemble, place layers of guacamole on bottom of roll, top with fish, add dollop of sour cream and top of roll.