Baby Shower: Brunch Buffet

March 23, 2015
At Home with Friends

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What’s on My Table: Baby Shower

Sometimes one or two pieces can inspire and set the tone for the entire party. In this case, the pieces were the table fabric and the vases.

The vases were just something I fell in love with but had no idea when I would use them. I just had to have them. I found the fabric at one of my favorite closeout stores and made the tablecloth. The fabric was so unusual and contemporary I thought it would make a spectacular tablecloth. I never thought about using them together until I pulled out one vase to check its colors and voila: They looked great together!

The idea behind this baby shower was to honor tradition and celebrate this new baby girl with a contemporary flair. The tabletop expressed this idea: Yes, there was pink in the flowers, the tablecloth and the napkins. The overall style was contemporary with a touch of my usual decadence.

The metal risers are those you have seen me use before (available at my Amazon Affiliate Store). The various heights create a dramatic table. I mixed different types of platters that worked well together and with the tablecloth. The plates are the same white ones I’ve used before. It’s always good to have a set of simple white dishes. The dessert plates with the single black rose are Rosenthal and found them on Ebay. I used ceramic place cards to identify each dish. These can be erased and reused, making them versatile and a handy addition to your tabletop collection.  For the flowers, I did something very simple but fabulous. Here is a tip: an abundance of one type of flower in one color always creates a “wow” effect.

I hope the tabletop inspires you for your next get-together.

Here is what’s on my table:

  • Dinner plates (Coalport Country Ware pattern, bone china)
  • Dessert plates (Rosenthal, Ebay)
  • Platters with light grey lotus design (Rosenthal Studio Line, Lotus pattern)
  • Platters with grey fig leaves (Wedgwood, Ashford pattern)
  • Risers (American Metalcraft, available at my Amazon Affiliate Store)
  • Roses (Trader Joe’s, West Los Angeles)
  • Napkins (World Market)
  • Ceramic place cards (R.W. Smith)

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